The best rates for international calls to Greenland 16.5c/min

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Choose a rate plan along with your first Voice Credit purchase. It's quite easy: just pick the plan that best suits your calling needs, whether you get in touch with your loved ones frequently, or just occasionally. Don't worry, you can switch plans at any time from your account Dashboard.

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The prepaid credit is a digital calling card available online and is made for virtual international calls. No physical product will be delivered.

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Because we offer the best deal for your pocket: low rates and huge savings on your phone bill. You can make high quality calls to any destination in the world, using an access number available for your location. Also, our experienced Customer Support team is at your service 24/7.

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Other great rates

Destination Clear Choice Simple Calls Top Value SMS
Landline 42.2c/min 35.9c/min 31.8c/min -
Mobile 41.2c/min 35.1c/min 31.1c/min 9c
Landline 20.6c/min 17.5c/min 15.1c/min -
Mobile 21.7c/min 18.4c/min 16c/min 7c
Landline 3.3c/min 2.3c/min 2.3c/min -
Mobile 2.6c/min 2c/min 1.6c/min 9c
Landline 31c/min 26.3c/min 23.1c/min -
Mobile 40.4c/min 34.4c/min 30.4c/min 7c
Landline 67c/min 57.2c/min 51.7c/min -
Mobile 65.8c/min 56.2c/min 50.7c/min 16c
Landline 2.7c/min 2.1c/min 1.6c/min -
Mobile 48.4c/min 41.3c/min 36.8c/min 11c
Landline 38.9c/min 33.1c/min 29.2c/min -
Mobile 37.5c/min 31.9c/min 32.5c/min 5c
Landline 58.4c/min 49.8c/min 44.7c/min -
Mobile 53.9c/min 46c/min 41.1c/min 8c
Landline 4.3c/min 3.5c/min 2.8c/min -
Mobile 5c/min 4.1c/min 3.4c/min 7c
Landline 10.7c/min 8.9c/min 7.6c/min -
Mobile 8.4c/min 7c/min 5.9c/min 9c
Landline 23.5c/min 19.9c/min 17.3c/min -
Mobile 33.1c/min 28.1c/min 24.7c/min 5c
Bosnia And Herzegovina
Landline 27.9c/min 23.7c/min 20.7c/min -
Mobile 72.3c/min 61.7c/min 56c/min 5c
Landline 35.1c/min 29.8c/min 26.2c/min -
Mobile 40.9c/min 34.8c/min 30.8c/min 9c
Landline 1.9c/min 1.3c/min 0.7c/min -
Mobile 1.9c/min 1.3c/min 0.8c/min 7c
British Virgin Islands
Landline 40.1c/min 34.2c/min 30.2c/min -
Mobile 40.7c/min 34.7c/min 30.7c/min 9c
Landline 20.8c/min 17.6c/min 15.3c/min -
Mobile 17.7c/min 14.9c/min 12.9c/min 5c
Landline 1.9c/min 1.3c/min 0.7c/min -
Mobile 4.2c/min 3.4c/min 2.9c/min 9c
Burkina Faso
Landline 70.1c/min 59.9c/min 54.3c/min -
Mobile 65.4c/min 55.8c/min 50.4c/min 9c
Landline 91.5c/min 78.2c/min 72.1c/min -
Mobile 90.9c/min 77.7c/min 71.5c/min 9c
Destination Clear Choice Simple Calls Top Value SMS
Landline 27.8c/min 23.6c/min 20.6c/min -
Mobile 8.5c/min 7c/min 6c/min 8c
Landline 47.4c/min 40.4c/min 36c/min -
Mobile 53.6c/min 45.7c/min 40.8c/min 8c
All country 1.9c/min 1.3c/min 0.7c/min 1c
Cape Verde
Landline 35.5c/min 30.2c/min 26.6c/min -
Mobile 51.5c/min 43.9c/min 39.2c/min 9c
Caribbean Netherlands
Landline 26.3c/min 22.3c/min 19.5c/min -
Mobile 26.3c/min 22.3c/min 19.5c/min 9c
Cayman Islands
Landline 20.3c/min 17.2c/min 14.9c/min -
Mobile 29.6c/min 25.1c/min 22c/min 8c
Central African Republic
Landline 111.7c/min 95.5c/min 89.4c/min -
Mobile 104.6c/min 89.4c/min 70.5c/min 8c
Landline 107.1c/min 91.6c/min 85.5c/min -
Mobile 92.6c/min 79.1c/min 73c/min 8c
Landline 2.2c/min 1.7c/min 0.7c/min -
Mobile 1.9c/min 1.3c/min 1c/min 8c
Santiago 1.9c/min 1.3c/min 0.8c/min -
Landline 4.4c/min 3.5c/min 2.4c/min -
Mobile 3.7c/min 2.9c/min 2.4c/min -
Christmas Island
All country 3c/min 2.6c/min 2.1c/min -
Cocos Islands
All country 3c/min 2.6c/min 2.1c/min -
Landline 1.9c/min 1.3c/min 1c/min -
Mobile 1.9c/min 1.3c/min 0.7c/min 9c
Landline 102.9c/min 88c/min 81.8c/min -
Mobile 108.7c/min 93c/min 86.9c/min 7c
Landline 105.2c/min 90c/min 83.8c/min -
Mobile 81.1c/min 69.3c/min 63.4c/min 9c
Cook Islands
Landline 166.7c/min 142.7c/min 139.7c/min -
Mobile 166.7c/min 142.7c/min 139.7c/min 7c
Costa Rica
Landline 3c/min 2.3c/min 1.8c/min -
Mobile 9.9c/min 8.3c/min 7c/min 9c
Landline 1.9c/min 1.3c/min 0.7c/min -
Mobile 3.4c/min 2.7c/min 2.1c/min 9c
Landline 111.8c/min 95.6c/min 89.5c/min -
Mobile 113.5c/min 97.1c/min 91.1c/min 9c
Landline 24.5c/min 20.7c/min 18c/min -
Mobile 25.3c/min 21.5c/min 18.7c/min 9c
Landline 6.4c/min 5.3c/min 4.4c/min -
Mobile 11c/min 9.2c/min 7.8c/min 7c
Czech Republic
Landline 1.9c/min 1.8c/min 1.4c/min -
Mobile 3.1c/min 2.5c/min 1.9c/min 9c
Destination Clear Choice Simple Calls Top Value SMS
Landline 50.1c/min 42.7c/min 38.1c/min -
Mobile 52.3c/min 44.6c/min 39.8c/min 7c
Landline 31c/min 26.3c/min 23.1c/min -
Mobile 71.3c/min 60.8c/min 55.2c/min 9c
Landline 110.1c/min 94.1c/min 88c/min -
Mobile 114.1c/min 97.6c/min 91.6c/min 7c
Landline 65.7c/min 56.1c/min 58.5c/min -
Mobile 76.8c/min 65.6c/min 59.8c/min 11c
Landline 1.9c/min 1.3c/min 0.7c/min -
Mobile 1.9c/min 1.3c/min 0.7c/min -
Landline 138.3c/min 118.3c/min 113.2c/min -
Mobile 139.6c/min 119.4c/min 114.4c/min 5c
Landline 67.4c/min 57.5c/min 52c/min -
Mobile 65c/min 55.5c/min 50.1c/min 11c
Landline 15.7c/min 13.3c/min 11.4c/min -
Mobile 84.4c/min 72.1c/min 66.1c/min 7c
Mariana Islands
All country 10.2c/min 8.5c/min 7.2c/min -
Marshall Islands
Landline 42.5c/min 41.6c/min 37.1c/min -
Mobile 42.5c/min 36.2c/min 32c/min -
Landline 4.3c/min 3.5c/min 2.9c/min -
Mobile 38.2c/min 32.5c/min 28.7c/min 9c
Landline 111.3c/min 95.1c/min 89.1c/min -
Mobile 106.7c/min 91.3c/min 85.1c/min 11c
Landline 21.1c/min 17.4c/min 15.5c/min -
Mobile 15c/min 12.6c/min 10.8c/min 9c
Mayotte Island
Landline 54.4c/min 46.4c/min 41.5c/min -
Mobile 97.2c/min 83.1c/min 77c/min -
Landline 1.9c/min 1.3c/min 0.7c/min -
Mobile 1.9c/min 1.3c/min 0.7c/min 9c
All country 94.7c/min 80.9c/min 74.8c/min -
Landline 56.8c/min 48.4c/min 43c/min -
Mobile 51.6c/min 44c/min 39.3c/min 9c
Landline 62.6c/min 53.4c/min 48.1c/min -
Mobile 71.1c/min 60.7c/min 55.1c/min 11c
Landline 3.6c/min 2.8c/min 2.3c/min -
Mobile 2.9c/min 2.2c/min 1.8c/min 7c
Landline 49.9c/min 42.5c/min 37.9c/min -
Mobile 85.9c/min 73.4c/min 67.3c/min 7c
All country 44.2c/min 37.7c/min 33.4c/min 7c
Landline 4c/min 3.7c/min 3c/min -
Mobile 99.3c/min 84.9c/min 78.7c/min 11c
Landline 43.1c/min 36.7c/min 32.5c/min -
Mobile 50.4c/min 42.9c/min 38.3c/min 7c
Mobile - Vodacom 57.4c/min 48.9c/min 43.9c/min 7c
Landline 32.7c/min 29c/min 25.5c/min -
Mobile 16.8c/min 14.2c/min 12.2c/min 9c
Destination Clear Choice Simple Calls Top Value SMS
Saint Kitts And Nevis
Landline 38.8c/min 33.1c/min 29.2c/min -
Mobile 37.3c/min 36.5c/min 32.3c/min 9c
Saint Lucia
Landline 40.7c/min 34.7c/min 30.7c/min -
Mobile 40c/min 34.1c/min 30.1c/min 9c
Saint Vincent And The Grenadines
Landline 35.6c/min 34.9c/min 30.8c/min -
Mobile 38.6c/min 32.9c/min 29c/min 9c
Landline 157.4c/min 134.7c/min 150.7c/min -
Mobile 159c/min 136c/min 132.4c/min 9c
San Marino
Landline 16.9c/min 14.2c/min 13.6c/min -
Mobile 17.4c/min 14.7c/min 12.7c/min 9c
Sao Tome And Principe
All country 208.4c/min 184.1c/min 180.8c/min -
Saudi Arabia
Landline 16.6c/min 14c/min 12c/min -
Mobile 29.4c/min 25c/min 21.9c/min 9c
Landline 53.6c/min 45.7c/min 40.9c/min -
Mobile 41.1c/min 35c/min 31c/min 9c
Landline 32.2c/min 27.3c/min 24c/min -
Mobile 77.4c/min 66.2c/min 60.3c/min 7c
Landline 117.5c/min 100.5c/min 94.5c/min -
Mobile 115.8c/min 99c/min 93c/min 9c
Sierra Leone
Landline 92.1c/min 78.7c/min 72.5c/min -
Mobile 86.2c/min 73.7c/min 67.6c/min 8c
Landline 2.2c/min 1.7c/min 0.8c/min -
Mobile 1.9c/min 1.4c/min 1.1c/min -
Sint Maarten
Landline 27c/min 22.9c/min 20c/min -
Mobile 27.7c/min 23.5c/min 20.5c/min -
Landline 1.9c/min 1.3c/min 0.7c/min -
Mobile 3.2c/min 2.5c/min 2c/min 12c
Landline 44.6c/min 38c/min 33.7c/min -
Mobile 69.2c/min 59.1c/min 53.5c/min 7c
Solomon Islands
All country 199c/min 174.5c/min 171.3c/min 9c
Landline 80.1c/min 68.4c/min 62.5c/min -
Mobile 77.3c/min 66.1c/min 60.2c/min 18c
South Africa
Landline 13c/min 10.9c/min 9.4c/min -
Mobile 12.4c/min 10.4c/min 8.9c/min 9c
South Korea
Landline 2c/min 1.5c/min 1.1c/min -
Mobile 2c/min 1.5c/min 1.1c/min 9c
South Sudan
Landline 84.6c/min 72.3c/min 66.2c/min -
Mobile 84.4c/min 72.1c/min 66.1c/min -
Landline 1.9c/min 1.3c/min 0.8c/min -
Mobile 1.9c/min 1.3c/min 0.8c/min 9c
Sri Lanka
Landline 30.2c/min 25.7c/min 22.5c/min -
Mobile 25.3c/min 21.5c/min 18.7c/min 12c
St Helena
All country 286.4c/min 271c/min 266c/min -
St Pierre And Miquelon
Landline 68.3c/min 58.3c/min 52.8c/min -
Mobile 79c/min 67.4c/min 61.5c/min -
Landline 51.7c/min 44.1c/min 39.3c/min -
Mobile 32.8c/min 27.9c/min 23.5c/min 11c
Landline 32.1c/min 27.3c/min 24c/min -
Mobile 56.8c/min 48.5c/min 43.5c/min 7c
Landline 1.9c/min 1.3c/min 0.7c/min -
Mobile 2c/min 1.5c/min 1.1c/min 9c
Landline 2.5c/min 1.9c/min 1.5c/min -
Mobile 38.8c/min 33c/min 29.2c/min 9c
Landline 39.6c/min 38.8c/min 34.4c/min -
Mobile 39.6c/min 33.7c/min 29.8c/min 11c
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